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Software development is the art of automation … because Developers are lazy. Manual work steps quickly end in writing scripts. But sometimes the effort is not justified or it is simply impossible to automate something, because of OS barriers or other show stoppers. Then it is better to optimize und document the manual steps.

In this series I want to share you some step-by-step instructions of various topics I stumbled upon in the past…

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Adding Screenshots to Trello Cards on Android

I’m collecting interesting One-Page-Tools on the web on a Trello board. To add a new card, I use a simple little script on my Android smartphone, I wrote about here: Add website to Trello card the better way.

On processing the page to store on a card, Trello scrapes the page and takes the <meta> tag og:image out of the HTML to generate an image attachment and take it as cover for the card. This sometimes works, but most of the time it doesn’t, because website owners often don’t pay attention to reasonable <meta> tags.

Because it is easier to find a card with visual support, I create my own screenshots for the cards in a manual, but streamlined, process, I want to show you here.

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