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Whenever I can, I take photos and that’s how a lot of them come together over the year. It’s my passion, whether it’s with my heavy Nikon and all the additional equipment or just with my smartphone: I love taking photos of different colours and shapes.

Some of them, exclusively still lifes, i.e. without people, are used here on this blog as header photos and this series tells you how and where I took these pictures.

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Green Canal
New Photos

Mecklenburg Lakes

Impressions of a Houseboat Trip

August in Germany is usually a safe bet when it comes to the weather, so my wife and I decided to relax for a few days on the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau … on a chartered boat. In general, you need a driving license for everything that moves in this country, but there are a few exceptions, such as in Brandenburg/Mecklenburg where even inexperienced tourists are allowed to steer a 12-metre houseboat/yacht across the many lakes after a short briefing.

The weather was, let’s say, suboptimal this August, because a storm passed over us in the first three days and there was no chance of happy sailing around on the water. On the one hand, the swell and wind forces were extremely worrying for newbies and on the other, it’s simply no fun being on a boat in cold, heavy rain. We were stuck in Rheinsberg. On the one hand, the swell and wind forces were extremely worrying for newbies and on the other, it’s simply no fun being on a boat in cold, heavy rain.

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Red Bull 12
New Photos

Speyer Automotive

In September, my wife and I took a trip to the Museum of Technology in nearby Speyer. I don’t really know why I’ve never been there before, not even as a child, because the collection of cars and aeroplanes is quite unique in Germany. A dream for every boy, even if he’s not as young as he might think :)

Built on the old site of an aircraft manufacturer, the 100-year-old hangars provide the perfect space for exhibiting large vehicles with wheels and wings. And exactly this can be found in Speyer: A large part for cars of all kinds and the outside area for aeroplanes and even ships. Even a spaceship, the Russian Space Shuttle alternative Buran can be seen there.

Here are a few pictures of the car exhibition that I brought back from there and which will be used as post header images hero on in the future …

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Basket Parking
New Photos

Majorcan Details

Summer is over and I’m spending some of my free time post-processing in Lightroom the many photos I’ve taken over the past few months. As a casual photographer, I mostly use my vacation and weekend trips to take my Nikon for a walk and let its chip card glow. My better half is constantly wondering why I stopped there or here again, even if she likes the results afterwards. The point is that I am a color-and-shape junkie. Of course I also do landscapes and portraits, but the details of things have done it to me the most. Colors & Shapes …

In July I was for a few days with friends on a finca in the south of Mallorca and of course I used every opportunity to stick my lens everywhere where there were interesting details to be expected. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the heat, but most of the motifs have a very earthy touch. I probably wanted to stay somewhere underground all the time, because 40 degrees Celsius in the shade was then also a bit too much for me.

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