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Years ago I chose Lightroom (Classic) as my favorite image processing tool and over the time I have developed many Presets to speed up the process and make my life easier.

In this series I want to share these Presets with you…

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Split Rotunda
Lightroom Presets

Croatian Presets for Lightroom

Staying in Croatia is always a joy, in summer but also in winter. I’m on this side of the Adriatic sea almost every year. In summer you have a pleasant heat, inviting you to swim, and sometimes too many tourists. In winter you have the magic light and space to enjoy the country.

Over the past years a have created some presets to bring my images, shot in Croatia, to a next level of beauty and I want to share them with you in this post.

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Lonely Call Box
Lightroom Presets

Scotch Presets for Lightroom

Have you ever been in Scotland during summertime? Wonderful tranquility, great scenery and great photo opportunities at every turn. In 2019 I’ve made some great shots there and I want to share the presets with you, that I have developed for processing the photos from my trip through the Highlands and the Isle of Skye.

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Dead Sea Colors
Lightroom Presets

Israeli Presets for Lightroom

I’m a travel and event photo enthusiast, which means I’m shooting a lot of photographs on vacation or at special events only a few times a year. After I’m back home and start the image processing, I develop a particular look for my images of the past vacation or event. This has a lot to do with my mood and is very intuitive. Not all images are the same in terms of composition and light and so I create usually 3 or 4 different presets each time during image processing.

Back in 2019, I was traveling around Israel, a fascinating country where almost every wall has a story to tell and I was listening through my viewfinder. Here I want to share the presets with you…

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