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Starting a new project is always exciting, especially when the building platform is totally new for oneself. As I started this blog with Hexo, I had a good experience with JavaScript and some with Node, but no with EJS, Lodash and some of the other libraries Hexo is using.

This series is a little technical diary, how I started the blog and implemented my needs one by one. Learning by doing. Maybe some of my solutions are valuable to somebody else, who faces the same issues I had.

Discoveries 1 Articles

Surfing around in the web is a daily routine every developer should have. Learning about new platforms, libraries or techniques is a must, due to the tremendous speed on our business. Stay current, all the time.

I'm a fan of RSS and I'm using Feedly to read my favourite blogs. Unfortunately RSS feeds is not so common anymore, due to Facebook and other social media giants, but I stay informed.

In this series I present some of the absolute pearls I found while reading. Stunning solutions or incredible tools, which I must first and foremost remember for myself, to try them out one day.