Discoveries 9 Posts

Surfing around in the web is a daily routine every developer should have. Learning about new platforms, libraries or techniques is a must, due to the tremendous speed on our business. Stay current, all the time.

I’m a fan of RSS and I’m using Feedly to read my favourite blogs. Unfortunately RSS feeds is not so common anymore, due to Facebook and other social media giants, but I stay informed.

In this series I present some of the absolute pearls I found while reading. Stunning solutions or incredible tools, which I must first and foremost remember for myself, to try them out one day.

Lightroom Presets 3 Posts

Years ago I chose Lightroom (Classic) as my favorite image processing tool and over the time I have developed many Presets to speed up the process and make my life easier.

In this series I want to share these Presets with you…

Step By Step 1 Post

Software development is the art of automation … because Developers are lazy. Manual work steps quickly end in writing scripts. But sometimes the effort is not justified or it is simply impossible to automate something, because of OS barriers or other show stoppers. Then it is better to optimize und document the manual steps.

In this series I want to share you some step-by-step instructions of various topics I stumbled upon in the past…

A New Blog 12 Posts

Starting a new project is always exciting, especially when the building platform is totally new for oneself. As I started this blog with Hexo, I had a good experience with JavaScript and some with Node, but no with EJS, Lodash and some of the other libraries Hexo is using.

This series is a little technical diary, how I started the blog and implemented my needs one by one. Learning by doing. Maybe some of my solutions are valuable to somebody else,
who faces the same issues I had.