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Hexo Tag Plugins is a collection of Tag Plugins for Hexo I have created for this blog. Some of them are quite simple, others are more complex, but overall maybe helpful for you.


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Red Hopper
Hexo Tag Plugins

Image Masonry Tag Plugin for Hexo

Easy use of the wonderful Macy.js library to display images in posts

Displaying a few more images than usual in a post is always a bit tricky, because you have to make sure they don’t get too big and drown out the text. But they should not be too small either and the arrangement is also important to consider.

For this purpose I have so far used my Image Slider Tag Plugin, but with this you only ever see one of the images and have to scroll through the rest horizontally. A medium sized overview, best in the so called masonry format, where images are automatically assembled based on their size on a limited area, would be much better for some cases. There are a variety of CSS or JavaScript solutions out there on the net, but the most suitable for me was Macy.js … and how I integrated it into my Hexo environment is what I want to describe here.

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Hexo Tag Plugins

GitHub Tag Plugins for Hexo

Currently I’m working on improving my projects section by linking to some of my projects hosted on Github. One idea is to display the Github README there. Playing around with the GitHub API is fun and so I created two new Hexo Tag Plugins that I don’t want to deprive you of and that extend the Hexo Tag Plugin Collection.

  • GitHub README
  • GitHub User & Repo Card

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Ready To Fly
Hexo Tag Plugins

Hexo Tag Plugin Collection

All tag plugins used for available on Github

Since day one of this blog I use Tag Plugins, sometimes as NPM packages from other developers, sometimes developed by myself.

The latter have grown significantly over time and I want to share them with you by publishing them in a Github project called hexo-tag-plugins, where you can download and use those you need on extending your own Hexo based blog.

On the Github page you can find all the info on how to use the plugins. In this article I will only briefly introduce them:

  • Anchor
  • Anchorlist
  • Alertbox
  • Alternative Blockqoute
  • Blockquote Details
  • Codepen
  • CodeSandbox
  • Download Link
  • Image Compare
  • Image Link
  • Image Slide
  • Indiepen
  • More Info

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