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Hexo Generator Anything is a plugin for Hexo to generate index pages from custom front matter variables.
It’s a fork from hexo-index-anything by Levi Wheatcroft, who is no longer maintaining the project.

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Hexo Generator Anything

Forking Hexo plugin 'hexo-index-anything'

Introducing its successor 'hexo-generator-anything'

As I started with this blog 2 years ago, I wanted to document the customization of Hexo to my needs in a series of articles. To group these articles I considered using the build-in categories, but I already used them to group articles by the underlying tech stack or area, like ´JavaScript´, ´C#´ or ´Tools´ and I didn’t want to mix it, as the category was also used in the Url of a post.

I was researching another grouping solution for Hexo and stumbled upon hexo-index-anything, a very clever Hexo plugin to generate index pages for almost every FrontMatter variable in a post.

As it was freely available under a MIT license on Github, I forked it in July 2020 and made some bug fixes and drop a pull request to Levi … but he unfortunately never answered my pull or issue requests and has set the status of the project to DEPRECATED.

Ok then … make a successor on your own, fella…

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