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Hexo Console Webmention is a console command for Hexo to send Webmentions from your blog to others. It utilizes the work of Remy Sharp, who wrote a JS library to parse a URL for sending Webmentions to linked Blogs. It is mainly used at

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IndieWeb Hexo Console Webmention

Hexo and the IndieWeb (Sending Webmentions)

Use the easy way

This is part two of a blog post that turned out to be a bit too long. Don’t miss Part 1: Hexo and the IndieWeb

After you have created your new Hexo post with hexo new post "My Fancy Post" and spend a couple of minutes/hours/days on writing meaningful text, you publish it by running hexo generate and copying the generated HTML to your server.

Next step would be to inform all the blogs you linked to in your now published post, that you have done just that. You want to send Webmentions.

Good news: you don’t have to write your own solution to scan your article for external URL’s and sending Webmentions to their creators: Remy Sharp has done that already with his service It supports the long existing Pingbacks too and offers several ways to achieve your goal:

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