Versengold in Concert I

Versengold in Concert

Photos from the performance in Speyer as part of the MPS

Since my youth with I hardrock/metal fan, but from good music I let myself convince, even if it does not fit into this scheme. This is what happened with the German medieval/folk band Versengold from Bremen, to whose concert in Bochum my better half dragged me one day. And what can I say … the guys are so much fun with their easy-going manner, their good, funny and sometimes profound German lyrics and their shanty-like music, from which the North German sailor tradition can be clearly heard.

In the meantime we were on two more concerts in Frankfurt, then in Marburg (Open-Air) and in Mainz on the “Night of the Ballads”. Most recently we saw them two weeks ago at the MPS (“Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum”, a medieval festival) in Speyer, where they played open-air with other bands from the “industry”. On the one hand, I think it’s great that the guys, even if they now fill large halls in Germany, have not forgotten their origins, and on the other hand, I now had the opportunity to get very close to the stage with my camera.

Here are the results:

Love you guys…!

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