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Triangulate your images with Triangula

As I am a photo enthusiast I’m always excited to find new tools, to give images a unique look. Today I stumbled over Triangula. Ever seen one of those cool backgrounds, where a picture has been broken up into lots of little triangles?

In trigonometry and elementary geometry, the division of a surface into triangles is called a triangular grid, triangular mesh or triangulation.

Whoever RH12503 (Ryan H??) is, he did an amazing job on creating this little Go program, including a pleasing UI, do convert images into those equivalents.

Triangula UI

These images are absolute great for background images in websites, in order to make the details less recognisable.

There is a web version of Triangula, but the desktop version (including a console version) is much faster. Best feature is the ability not only to save the generated images as PNG, but also as SVG!

Example with 1.000 Generations

Example with 10.000 Generations

Example with 20.000 Generations

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