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Top 10 Pens of Jon Kantner

A while ago I posted my favourite pens of 2022. Many of them came from the pen of John Kantner and that was reason enough for me to highlight his most beautiful works in a post.

My “Best of Jon Kantner” selection is focused on the usefulness for UI’s to be created, i.e. all these things I urgently need to try out or one or the other will end up in one of my projects.

1. Card-Like Menu

2. Side Navigation

3. Lotsa Notifications

4. Search Input Caret Jump

5. Sliding Stepper

6. Passcode With Sliding Cursor

7. Animated Star Rating

8. Range Sliders With a Rolling Counter

9. Colorful Theme Switch

10. Animated Upload Modal

As I said, this is the list of my personal favorite works by Jon. I can only recommend everyone to check out his work on Codepen. He really is a UI rockstar …

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