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Syndicate Mastodon Hashtags in your favorite Feed Reader

Ok, I admit it: I read RSS feeds. Quite old school you might think, but I’m mostly off Social Media and the most news sites quite a while ago, with a few exceptions. I just want to read selective stuff, especially in the direction of technology, and not interrupted by items, the news provider think I have to read. My favorite tool for my feed collection is Feedly, which I open up almost every morning.

Today, Max Böck gave me the momentum with his article The IndieWeb for Everyone to try another type of social media I know for quite a long time, but never give it a chance: Mastodon. I’m now part of it on

And as you just do … you surf around a bit on it and read a few things until a post by Matthias Ott caught my attention:

Matthias Ott's Post on Mastodon, 30. October 2022

Ok, nice … but does this work for other Mastadon things also, like hashtags? I have to say that I am currently very interested in creating PWAs and the techniques behind them, and I’m always looking for new resources to read. So it didn’t take me 5 minutes to start reading posts in Mastodon with the hashtag #pwa almost automatically.

What can I say? It works…

Step 1
Search for an hash tag, f.e. #pwa. It will lead to an Url like this, depending on your Mastodon server:

Step 2
Cut out /web

Step 3
Add .rss

… and you got your feed on a special topic …

PWA Feed from Mastodon

… you can add to your favorite feed reader.
PWA Feed in Feedly

Happy Reading…


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