Lightroom Presets

Scandinavian Presets for Lightroom

It doesn’t matter what time of year you go to Scandinavia. Countries like Denmark or Norway have a Nordic charm that you can never really escape. But it doesn’t always have to be the far north that provides fascinating motifs for photographers. With these Lightroom presets you can enhance your images with the Nordic feel.

Scandinavian City Nights

When it gets late in the city, the artificial light bathes them in a warm veil. The shadows are deeper and the colors are more concise.
Time to get a drink.

Scandinavian Blue Hour

All over the world, the Blue Hour is a special time of the day. The light is fading away slightly and everything shines in magic colors. Let them shine…

Scandinavian Colors

Nordic nature is far from being as rich and colorful as that in the south, but it has its own charm and with color you can help a little.

Scandinavian Drama

Not only since Shakespeare and his Hamlet, we know about the dramas of the Nordic sagas. The landscape itself is dramatic and the stories are set in it.

Scandinavian Seascape

The sea plays a big role in the Nordic countries, as they have very long coasts. No one who travels there with a camera manages to resist this beauty.

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