SVWW vs Nürnberg @ 2024-02-09
SV Wehen Wiesbaden

SVWW vs. Nürnberg @ 2024-02-09

A game among friends


Tim and I have known each other since we were at school, which is over 40 years now. He has always been a fan of 1. FC Nürnberg and I can still remember him teasing me on Monday mornings at school about my HSV’s poor performance at the weekend and me teasing him when his Nuremberg team had lost again. Now we were both just sympathisers of our clubs rather than real fans, because I’d never been to a stadium in Hamburg and I don’t think Tim had ever been to the Nuremberg arena either.

Now my passion for football with my hometown club SV Wehen Wiesbaden has awakened in the last year and I have a season ticket for this season and the possibility to get 4 more tickets for every game. So it made sense to ask Tim if he would like to watch the home game in Wiesbaden against his 1. FC Nürnberg, which are playing in the second division again since their relegation in the 2019/2020 season. It’s the first time that Tim and I have gone to the stadium together and he convinced his son Tom and two of his mates to go along, even though the three of them didn’t really seem to have anything to do with FCN.

The spectacular game in the first half of the season a few months ago, with a total of 3 red cards, unfortunately ended in a 2:1 loss for the Wiesbaden team. So we had something to settle with the Nurembergers and at least the fans in the stadium were highly motivated.

The Game

However, our team saw things a little differently in the first half. There was not much sign of motivation. On the contrary, they seemed to be very nervous, as there was no other explanation for the many passing errors and lost tackles. Even our defence boss Vukotic was completely out of sorts and it was only thanks to our goalkeeper Stritzel and the similarly careless attacking line of Nuremberg, who were much more reliable on the ball, that we didn’t have to go into half-time with a huge deficit. The most energetic player in the first 45 minutes was SVWW coach Kauczinski, who shouted himself hoarse on the sideline and spoke of the worst first half of the season in the subsequent press conference.

The coach seemed to have expressed his frustration in the dressing room, as the team came onto the pitch not only changed in terms of personnel but also mentally. They held out and there were also one or two good combinations in the direction of the Nuremberg goal. The nimble Thijmen Goppel had the first goal on his feet in the 48th minute, but unfortunately failed to beat the goalkeeper.

What followed was a fan spectacle that we have already seen in other stadiums this week: In frustration against the DFL’s decision to allow major investors into German football, large banners were hoisted in the Nuremberg curve and masses of tennis balls were thrown onto the pitch. The referee had to interrupt the game for almost 10 minutes for safety reasons, while both fan camps took turns chanting “Sch*** DFL”. It was quite impressive.

Shortly after they were allowed to play on, Wiesbaden pushed forward again and after a nice combination, Nuremberg lost sight of Prtajin, who had enough time and space to make it 1:0 from a good 15 metres! YES…!

The game was now becoming quite attractive. It was constantly back and forth, sometimes even a bit wild, but it was fun to watch. Even when Nuremberg were awarded a corner after about an hour and then almost half a dozen more, because although ours struggled to get the ball out of their own half, it kept going over the goal line. It came as it had to come: a header to make it 1:1 … :|

In the last 10 minutes of the game, it seemed as if FCN had run out of steam and we could really go all the way, but Prtajin was the last to beat the good Nuremberg goalkeeper. Too bad…

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Overall, the draw was okay for us, as bad as the first half was. The one point helps us a little against relegation, because we now have 27 points and are six points off the relegation places. But there are still 13 games to play and if a team from the bottom, such as Kaiserslautern or Braunschweig, gets their act together, things could get really tight. Our guys have to become more stable again and stop making so many individual mistakes.

Well, next week we’re away against Schalke 04, who are still a few places below us and aren’t getting much going at the moment. Hopefully they won’t start winning against us.

Table 2. Liga, Sunday 11. February 2024


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