Basket Parking
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Majorcan Details

Summer is over and I’m spending some of my free time post-processing in Lightroom the many photos I’ve taken over the past few months. As a casual photographer, I mostly use my vacation and weekend trips to take my Nikon for a walk and let its chip card glow. My better half is constantly wondering why I stopped there or here again, even if she likes the results afterwards. The point is that I am a color-and-shape junkie. Of course I also do landscapes and portraits, but the details of things have done it to me the most. Colors & Shapes …

In July I was for a few days with friends on a finca in the south of Mallorca and of course I used every opportunity to stick my lens everywhere where there were interesting details to be expected. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the heat, but most of the motifs have a very earthy touch. I probably wanted to stay somewhere underground all the time, because 40 degrees Celsius in the shade was then also a bit too much for me.

Usually the best photos end up unnoticed as pool photos here on my blog until I use one as a header image, but now I make a separate post out of each set before I publish the individual photos on other sites like 500px or Pixelfed.

Lots of Things
Mallorquin Letterbox
Basket Parking
Aigua Tub
Tomato Beauties
Veltins Crown
Rusty Grate
Sticker Direction
Table Greenery

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