Dead Sea Colors
Lightroom Presets

Israeli Presets for Lightroom

I’m a travel and event photo enthusiast, which means I’m shooting a lot of photographs on vacation or at special events only a few times a year. After I’m back home and start the image processing, I develop a particular look for my images of the past vacation or event. This has a lot to do with my mood and is very intuitive. Not all images are the same in terms of composition and light and so I create usually 3 or 4 different presets each time during image processing.

Back in 2019, I was traveling around Israel, a fascinating country where almost every wall has a story to tell and I was listening through my viewfinder. Here I want to share the presets with you…

Israeli Colors

The mediaval walls of Jaffa glow in an inimitable way and brings other colors to shine the same way.

Israeli Lights

The light in the eastern Mediterranean is stunning. The warm tone of the sand and the turquoise color of the water had to pop out.

Israeli Drama

A visit of Yad Vashem moved me a lot and this preset is a expression of that.

Israeli Near Black

If you think of the tourists away, Jerusalem takes you to another level because of its age and history and nothing fits more to that than the sepia look of old pictures.

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