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‘Le Bretagne’ (Brittany) is one of the most beautiful and historic parts of Europe and always worth a visit. It combines the sometimes rugged English flair with the art of living of France, both scenically and in the architecture and the way people live there. My wife likes all things English and I am a friend of the french ‘Savoir Vivre’, and we were able to combine the two beautifully on a trip to Saint-Malo and Jersey. It was a photographers dream…

Breton Glow

The sunsets off Saint-Malo are wonderful. The water of the English Channel glows and in the sky the silhuettes of the paragliders stand out, pulling the sportsmen over the rippling water. You can sit on the waterfront for hours and still not get enough of it.

Breton Sundown

Having good and clear weather here, as in the British Isles, is not a given. The evenings are all the more beautiful when it is like this and the small islands off the coast are bathed in a warm orange.

Breton Color

I love colors, but rarely does the camera manage to capture that magic the way I feel it. And Brittany has beautiful colors. Be it the famous Mont Saint-Michel or a cornfield … :)

Breton Sea Circle

Oysters from Cancale are not only famous in the region, but far beyond. A product that tastes just like the sea from which it comes looks: Awesome.

Breton Beach

The beach in Saint-Malo is 3 kilometers long and it is fascinating to observe how one of the highest tides in Europe swallows it in no time and later releases it cleaned.


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