Photographers Mosaic


Mostly all posts or pages in this blog have a unique photo as hero image, to represent the page. I have shot and edited all these photographs over the last few years. All these images can be used under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

Here’s a list of all photos used or stored for future comings:

243 Photos
Home Sea Wall $19-05 Israel-0228

Sea Wall

Projects Ancient Mosaic $19-05 Israel-0245

Ancient Mosaic

Photos Photographers Mosaic $20-08 Mallorca-7627

Photographers Mosaic

Notes 2022 Lilla & Zoli Lock $21-08-05 Kroatien-3011

Lilla & Zoli Lock

Console Golden Lamp $22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0048

Golden Lamp

Tiny Tools Chess $500-0246


404 Brake $D50_5119


unused Fruit Colors 19-05 Israel-0165

Fruit Colors

Discoveries #1 Ceasarea View 19-05 Israel-0221

Ceasarea View

Discoveries #2 Jerusalem Marks 19-05 Israel-0661

Jerusalem Marks

Discoveries #8 Jad Vashem Vista 19-05 Israel-0724

Jad Vashem Vista

Discoveries #17 - CSS Tel Aviv Sunset 19-05 Israel-DSC-0093

Tel Aviv Sunset

Hexo and the Dark Mode Glencoe Valley HDR 19-07 Schottland-0016_AUR

Glencoe Valley HDR

unused Portree View 19-07 Schottland-0190

Portree View

Discoveries #10 Tiny Scots 6 19-07 Schottland-0372

Tiny Scots 6

GitHubs Magic Dot RYB Brass & Wires 19-07 Schottland-0595

RYB Brass & Wires

unused Split Junk 19-12 Kroatien-0045

Split Junk

unused Dubrovnik Wall People 19-12 Kroatien-0172

Dubrovnik Wall People

Running Rollup with Gulp Coal Flame 20-08 Mallorca-6871

Coal Flame

unused Withered Nature 20-08 Mallorca-6910

Withered Nature

Discoveries #16 - JavaScript Sliced 20-08 Mallorca-7019


unused Blue Haze 21-08-05 Kroatien-3059

Blue Haze

unused Suspended Window 22-05 Malta-7531

Suspended Window

unused Stony Pink 22-05 Malta-7549

Stony Pink

unused Curvy Pool 22-05 Malta-7563

Curvy Pool

unused 50 Shades of Green 22-05 Malta-8503

50 Shades of Green

unused Church Chairs 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0037

Church Chairs

unused Saving the Whale 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0118

Saving the Whale

unused Red Loop 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0150

Red Loop

Integration of Pagefind in Hexo Proud Vespa 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0201

Proud Vespa

unused Automotive Beauty 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0210

Automotive Beauty

unused Colored Sails 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0523

Colored Sails

unused Used Colors 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0655

Used Colors

Discoveries #21 - Sites & Pages Bird House 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0818

Bird House

unused Rusty Bollard 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0890

Rusty Bollard

unused Watergate 9 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-0920

Watergate 9

Breton Presets for Lightroom Blue Perspective 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1074

Blue Perspective

unused Fenced Greenery II 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1123

Fenced Greenery II

unused Water Way 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1163

Water Way

unused Dipped Seagull 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1312

Dipped Seagull

Discoveries #23 - UI/CSS Seagull Meeting 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1332

Seagull Meeting

unused Jersey Love 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1381

Jersey Love

unused Jersey Number 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1401

Jersey Number

unused Rusty Handrail 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1408

Rusty Handrail

unused Medieval Art 22-08 Bretagne-Jersey-1491

Medieval Art

unused Amsterdam Waterway 23-05 Holland-0066

Amsterdam Waterway

unused Do Not Tap The Glass 23-05 Holland-0101

Do Not Tap The Glass

unused Bottle Art 23-05 Holland-0172

Bottle Art

Pool Photo Generator Beer Copper 23-05 Holland-0174

Beer Copper

unused Brass Crane 23-05 Holland-0184

Brass Crane

unused Sacred Benches 23-05 Holland-0282

Sacred Benches

unused Orange On Stone 23-05 Holland-0319

Orange On Stone

unused Duck Cleanup 23-05 Holland-0323

Duck Cleanup

unused Green Buds 23-05 Holland-0341

Green Buds

unused Red Blossom 23-05 Holland-0345

Red Blossom

unused Roman Scale 23-05 Holland-0366

Roman Scale

unused Red Black Pigeon 23-05 Holland-0368

Red Black Pigeon

unused 90 Passagiers 23-05 Holland-0385

90 Passagiers

unused Clog Rack 23-05 Holland-0449

Clog Rack

unused Steel Tangle 23-05 Holland-0453

Steel Tangle

unused Analog Treasures 23-05 Holland-0580

Analog Treasures

unused Ancient Calculation 23-05 Holland-0581

Ancient Calculation

unused Alphen Windmill II 23-05 Holland-0621-HDR

Alphen Windmill II

unused Checkered Onions 23-05 Holland-0680

Checkered Onions

unused Copper Vessels 23-05 Holland-0697

Copper Vessels

unused Militaria Junk 23-05 Holland-0698

Militaria Junk

unused Rust Keys 23-05 Holland-0702

Rust Keys

unused Clogs & Lamp 23-05 Holland-0706

Clogs & Lamp

unused Mercedes Toys 23-05 Holland-0707

Mercedes Toys

unused Used Lenses 23-05 Holland-0709

Used Lenses

unused Bones & Candle 23-05 Holland-0728

Bones & Candle

unused Ancient Clogs 23-05 Holland-0764

Ancient Clogs

unused Arrowhead Offer 23-05 Holland-0839

Arrowhead Offer

unused Stone Chains 23-05 Holland-0996

Stone Chains

unused Beach Chairs 23-05 Holland-1075

Beach Chairs

unused Lighthouse Grass 23-05 Holland-1083

Lighthouse Grass

unused Four Reds 23-08-26 MPS Speyer-0044

Four Reds

unused Red Mead 23-08-26 MPS Speyer-0047

Red Mead

unused Golden Mead 23-08-26 MPS Speyer-0052

Golden Mead

unused Thomas' Leopards Banes I D50_0057

Thomas' Leopards Banes I

unused Dolorous Rose D50_0910

Dolorous Rose

unused Fairy Way D50_1090

Fairy Way

unused Poppies 'n Wheat D50_1167

Poppies 'n Wheat

unused Floral Magic I D50_1473

Floral Magic I

unused Floral Magic IV D50_1510

Floral Magic IV

unused Floral Magic VIII D50_1524

Floral Magic VIII

unused Thomas' Garden II D50_1811

Thomas' Garden II

unused Floral Magic LIII D50_3210

Floral Magic LIII

unused Floral Magic LVIII D50_3239

Floral Magic LVIII

unused Floral Magic LXIII D50_3269

Floral Magic LXIII

unused Floral Magic LXI D50_3299

Floral Magic LXI

unused Garden Beauties V D50_3856

Garden Beauties V

unused Garden Beauties IV D50_4445

Garden Beauties IV

unused Garden Beauties II D50_4474

Garden Beauties II

unused Garden Beauties III D50_4508

Garden Beauties III

unused Bubbles D50_4565


unused Balcony Beauties I D50_5026

Balcony Beauties I

unused Balcony Beauties II D50_5034

Balcony Beauties II

unused Balcony Beauties IV D50_5045

Balcony Beauties IV

unused Floral Magic XCI D50_5535_2309

Floral Magic XCI

unused Floral Magic XCV D50_5571_2309

Floral Magic XCV

unused Floral Magic XCVI D50_5589_2309

Floral Magic XCVI

unused Garden Beauties XIV D50_5871

Garden Beauties XIV

unused Some Blue Shingles D50_7050

Some Blue Shingles

unused Golden Branchage D50_7082

Golden Branchage

unused Skull Sale D50_7227

Skull Sale

unused Copper Pot D50_7228

Copper Pot

unused Copper Connection D50_7229

Copper Connection

unused Troubadour Accessoires D50_7237

Troubadour Accessoires

unused Metal Pottery D50_7242

Metal Pottery

unused Green Buddha D50_7431

Green Buddha

unused Garden Beauties XIII D50_7454

Garden Beauties XIII

unused Garden Beauties XVI D50_7522

Garden Beauties XVI

unused Flower Barrow D70_0155

Flower Barrow

unused Copper Bridge D70_0759

Copper Bridge

unused Algal Stones D70_1751

Algal Stones

unused Blue Elfie D70_2357

Blue Elfie

unused Expensive Air Inlet D70_3480

Expensive Air Inlet

unused Golden Wave I D70_5318

Golden Wave I

unused Mediterranean Glare II D70_5566

Mediterranean Glare II

unused Old Master Veggies I D70_8793

Old Master Veggies I

unused Bronze Door D701841

Bronze Door

unused Green Stance D702842

Green Stance

unused Untitled DSC_1290


unused Butterflies on Pink DSC_2167

Butterflies on Pink

unused Guinness Orchestra DSC_2903

Guinness Orchestra

unused Howth DSC_3549-HDR


unused Pink Nature DSC_3592

Pink Nature

unused Kilbeggan Window DSC_3670-HDR

Kilbeggan Window

unused Jugendstil Staircase DSC_5295

Jugendstil Staircase

unused Medieval Meal DSC_6543

Medieval Meal

unused White Crystal DSC_7910

White Crystal

unused Apple Woods DSC_8444

Apple Woods

unused Fairyland IV DSC_9199-HDR

Fairyland IV

unused Driving Home DSC_9332

Driving Home