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Mostly all posts or pages in this blog have a unique photo as hero image, to represent the page. I have shot and edited all these photographs over the last few years. All these images can be used under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

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Start Sea Wall $19-05-Israel-0228, May 2019

Sea Wall

Projects Ancient Mosaic $19-05-Israel-0245, May 2019

Ancient Mosaic

Photos Photographers Mosaic $20-08-Mallorca-7627, August 2020

Photographers Mosaic

Notes 2022 Lilla & Zoli Lock $21-08-05-Kroatien-3011, August 2021

Lilla & Zoli Lock

Archives Suspended Window $22-05-Malta-7531, May 2022

Suspended Window

Console Golden Lamp $22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0048, August 2022

Golden Lamp

Feeds Knitting Colors $23-05-Holland-0806, May 2023

Knitting Colors

Windows Tools Arrowhead Offer $23-05-Holland-0839, May 2023

Arrowhead Offer

Series Stone Chains $23-05-Holland-0996, May 2023

Stone Chains

Tiny Tools Chess $500-0246, September 2014


Notes 2024 Rhine Locks V $D50_1433, February 2023

Rhine Locks V

Notes 2023 Rusty Locks $D50_3000, August 2021

Rusty Locks

404 Brake $D50_5119, September 2021


Search Hide and Seek $D702858, August 2015

Hide and Seek

Impressum Instructions $DSC_3117, June 2013


Notes 2021 Riga Locks $DSC_5031, June 2014

Riga Locks

VS Code on the Web Cabbage & Friends 18-09-Kroatien-0012, September 2018

Cabbage & Friends

TFS/DevOps: Delete Remote Workspace Abandonded Fitting 18-09-Kroatien-0061, September 2018

Abandonded Fitting

Discoveries #3 - Tutorials Enlightenment 18-09-Kroatien-0112, September 2018


Pimping the Permalink Summer Reading 18-09-Kroatien-0245, September 2018

Summer Reading

Show related posts in Hexo Garden Eden 18-09-Kroatien-0323, September 2018

Garden Eden

The Last Image Gallery... Seating Group 18-09-Kroatien-0340, September 2018

Seating Group

Automatic Duplicate Image Shadow Colorful Twig 18-09-Kroatien-0349, September 2018

Colorful Twig

Draft ⤍ Dealing with Variable Fonts in 2023 Fruit Colors 19-05-Israel-0165, May 2019

Fruit Colors

Discoveries #1 Ceasarea View 19-05-Israel-0221, May 2019

Ceasarea View

Israeli Presets for Lightroom Dead Sea Colors 19-05-Israel-0498, May 2019

Dead Sea Colors

Better Input Change Event Jerusalem Seat 19-05-Israel-0624, May 2019

Jerusalem Seat

Discoveries #2 Jerusalem Marks 19-05-Israel-0661, May 2019

Jerusalem Marks

Discoveries #8 Jad Vashem Vista 19-05-Israel-0724, May 2019

Jad Vashem Vista

Discoveries #17 - CSS Tel Aviv Sunset 19-05-Israel-DSC-0093, May 2019

Tel Aviv Sunset

Hexo and the Dark Mode Glencoe Valley HDR 19-07-Schottland-0016_AUR, July 2019

Glencoe Valley HDR

Hexo and the Dark Mode ... revised Glencoe River 19-07-Schottland-0025, July 2019

Glencoe River

Unused Portree View 19-07-Schottland-0190, July 2019

Portree View

A New Blog: Customizing Hexo Thistle Fence 19-07-Schottland-0198, July 2019

Thistle Fence

Discoveries #10 Tiny Scots 6 19-07-Schottland-0372, July 2019

Tiny Scots 6

Discoveries #12 - Tutorials Beer Barrels 19-07-Schottland-0479, July 2019

Beer Barrels

Draft ⤍ Create your own Deployment Server for .NET-based clients Fishermans Home 19-07-Schottland-0490, July 2019

Fishermans Home

Scotch Presets for Lightroom Lonely Call Box 19-07-Schottland-0512, July 2019

Lonely Call Box

GitHubs Magic Dot RYB Brass & Wires 19-07-Schottland-0595, August 2019

RYB Brass & Wires

404 Page in Hexo for GitHub Pages Tattoo Tuba 19-07-Schottland-0935, August 2019

Tattoo Tuba

Croatian Presets for Lightroom Split Rotunda 19-12-Kroatien-0077, December 2019

Split Rotunda

Unused Dubrovnik Wall People 19-12-Kroatien-0172, December 2019

Dubrovnik Wall People

Running Rollup with Gulp Coal Flame 20-08-Mallorca-6871, July 2020

Coal Flame

Unused Withered Nature 20-08-Mallorca-6910, July 2020

Withered Nature

Discoveries #16 - JavaScript Sliced 20-08-Mallorca-7019, July 2020


Thanks Dropbox, but I'm off Boombox Reflections I 20-08-Mallorca-7134, July 2020

Boombox Reflections I

Image Masonry Tag Plugin for Hexo Red Hopper 20-08-Mallorca-7333, August 2020

Red Hopper

Mastodon simply explained Ready For Takeoff 20-08-Mallorca-8177, August 2020

Ready For Takeoff

Unused Blue Haze 21-08-05-Kroatien-3059, August 2021

Blue Haze

Unused Stony Pink 22-05-Malta-7549, May 2022

Stony Pink

Unused Curvy Pool 22-05-Malta-7563, May 2022

Curvy Pool

One mouse to rule them all Ancient Cockpit 22-05-Malta-8364, May 2022

Ancient Cockpit

Unused 50 Shades of Green 22-05-Malta-8503, May 2022

50 Shades of Green

Unused Church Chairs 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0037, August 2022

Church Chairs

Unused Saving the Whale 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0118, August 2022

Saving the Whale

Unused Red Loop 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0150, August 2022

Red Loop

Integration of Pagefind in Hexo Proud Vespa 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0201, August 2022

Proud Vespa

Unused Automotive Beauty 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0210, August 2022

Automotive Beauty

Unused Colored Sails 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0523, August 2022

Colored Sails

Unused Used Colors 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0655, August 2022

Used Colors

Show pages meta data (JSON-LD) in Bottom Sheet Water Numbers 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0683, August 2022

Water Numbers

Discoveries #21 - Sites & Pages Bird House 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0818, August 2022

Bird House

Unused Rusty Bollard 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0890, August 2022

Rusty Bollard

Experimenting with the font LEXEND Watergate 9 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-0920, August 2022

Watergate 9

Breton Presets for Lightroom Blue Perspective 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1074, August 2022

Blue Perspective

Unused Fenced Greenery II 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1123, August 2022

Fenced Greenery II

Unused Water Way 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1163, August 2022

Water Way

Unused Dipped Seagull 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1312, August 2022

Dipped Seagull

Discoveries #23 - UI/CSS Seagull Meeting 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1332, August 2022

Seagull Meeting

Unused Jersey Love 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1381, August 2022

Jersey Love

Discoveries #25 - Tutorials & HowTo's Ancient Tools 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1386, August 2022

Ancient Tools

Unused Jersey Number 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1401, August 2022

Jersey Number

Unused Rusty Handrail 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1408, August 2022

Rusty Handrail

Discoveries #27 - JavaScript Tools Medieval Art 22-08-Bretagne-Jersey-1491, August 2022

Medieval Art

Unused Amsterdam Waterway 23-05-Holland-0066, May 2023

Amsterdam Waterway

Unused Do Not Tap The Glass 23-05-Holland-0101, May 2023

Do Not Tap The Glass

Unused Bottle Art 23-05-Holland-0172, May 2023

Bottle Art

Pool Photo Generator Beer Copper 23-05-Holland-0174, May 2023

Beer Copper

Unused Brass Crane 23-05-Holland-0184, May 2023

Brass Crane

Unused Sacred Benches 23-05-Holland-0282, May 2023

Sacred Benches

Unused Orange On Stone 23-05-Holland-0319, May 2023

Orange On Stone

Unused Duck Cleanup 23-05-Holland-0323, May 2023

Duck Cleanup

Unused Green Buds 23-05-Holland-0341, May 2023

Green Buds

Unused Red Blossom 23-05-Holland-0345, May 2023

Red Blossom

Unused Roman Scale 23-05-Holland-0366, May 2023

Roman Scale

Unused Red Black Pigeon 23-05-Holland-0368, May 2023

Red Black Pigeon

Unused 90 Passagiers 23-05-Holland-0385, May 2023

90 Passagiers

Unused Clog Rack 23-05-Holland-0449, May 2023

Clog Rack

Unused Steel Tangle 23-05-Holland-0453, May 2023

Steel Tangle

Draft ⤍ 500px vs. Flickr vs. Pixelfed Analog Treasures 23-05-Holland-0580, May 2023

Analog Treasures

Unused Ancient Calculation 23-05-Holland-0581, May 2023

Ancient Calculation

Unused Alphen Windmill II 23-05-Holland-0621-HDR, May 2023

Alphen Windmill II

Unused Checkered Onions 23-05-Holland-0680, May 2023

Checkered Onions

Unused Copper Vessels 23-05-Holland-0697, May 2023

Copper Vessels

Unused Militaria Junk 23-05-Holland-0698, May 2023

Militaria Junk

Unused Clogs & Lamp 23-05-Holland-0706, May 2023

Clogs & Lamp

Unused Mercedes Toys 23-05-Holland-0707, May 2023

Mercedes Toys

Unused Bones & Candle 23-05-Holland-0728, May 2023

Bones & Candle

Unused Ancient Clogs 23-05-Holland-0764, May 2023

Ancient Clogs

Unused Beach Chairs 23-05-Holland-1075, May 2023

Beach Chairs

Draft ⤍ Revision of my parallax-like Header from JavaScript to CSS Lighthouse Grass 23-05-Holland-1083, May 2023

Lighthouse Grass

Unused Lots of Things 23-07-Mallorca-0300, July 2023

Lots of Things

Unused Mallorquin Letterbox 23-07-Mallorca-0305, July 2023

Mallorquin Letterbox

Majorcan Details Basket Parking 23-07-Mallorca-0339, July 2023

Basket Parking

Unused Aigua Tub 23-07-Mallorca-0342, July 2023

Aigua Tub

Unused Tomato Beauties 23-07-Mallorca-0357, July 2023

Tomato Beauties

Unused Veltins Crown 23-07-Mallorca-0542, July 2023

Veltins Crown

Unused Rusty Grate 23-07-Mallorca-0755, July 2023

Rusty Grate

Unused Sticker Direction 23-07-Mallorca-0758, July 2023

Sticker Direction

Unused Table Greenery 23-07-Mallorca-0773, July 2023

Table Greenery

Unused Four Reds 23-08-26-MPS-Speyer-0044, August 2023

Four Reds

Unused Red Mead 23-08-26-MPS-Speyer-0047, August 2023

Red Mead

Unused Golden Mead 23-08-26-MPS-Speyer-0052, August 2023

Golden Mead

Versengold in Concert Versengold in Concert I 23-08-26-MPS-Speyer-0172, August 2023

Versengold in Concert I

Discoveries #28 - UI Components Grinning Horse 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0040, August 2023

Grinning Horse

Unused Sea Magic 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0062, August 2023

Sea Magic

Unused Rainy Planks 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0160, August 2023

Rainy Planks

Unused Chrome Bollard 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0186, August 2023

Chrome Bollard

Unused Pink Lotus 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0204, August 2023

Pink Lotus

Unused Stony Vegetation 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0211, August 2023

Stony Vegetation

Unused Golden Drama 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0216, August 2023

Golden Drama

Mecklenburg Lakes Green Canal 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0275, August 2023

Green Canal

Unused Boiler Mirroring 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0323, August 2023

Boiler Mirroring

Unused Into the Storm 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0335, August 2023

Into the Storm

Unused Sunset Jetty 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0341, August 2023

Sunset Jetty

Unused Golden Surfing 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0343, August 2023

Golden Surfing

Unused Blue Lake 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0408, August 2023

Blue Lake

Unused Green Ducks 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0432, August 2023

Green Ducks

Unused Sparkling Duck 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0433, August 2023

Sparkling Duck

Unused Mirrored Boathouses 23-08-Mecklenburg-Seen-0468, August 2023

Mirrored Boathouses

Speyer Automotive Red Bull 12 23-09-11-Speyer-0001, September 2023

Red Bull 12

Unused Packard Monster 23-09-11-Speyer-0006, September 2023

Packard Monster

Unused Golden Cooler 23-09-11-Speyer-0007, September 2023

Golden Cooler

Unused Vespa Treasure 23-09-11-Speyer-0008, September 2023

Vespa Treasure

IndieFediWebVerse Yellow Curves 23-09-11-Speyer-0022, September 2023

Yellow Curves

Unused Red Motor Cover 23-09-11-Speyer-0029, September 2023

Red Motor Cover

Unused Maybach Zeppelin 23-09-11-Speyer-0031, September 2023

Maybach Zeppelin

Unused Mercedes Gold 23-09-11-Speyer-0041, September 2023

Mercedes Gold

Unused Magirus Red 23-09-11-Speyer-0048, September 2023

Magirus Red

Unused Thomas' Leopards Banes I D50_0057, April 2021

Thomas' Leopards Banes I

Unused Fairy Way D50_1090, May 2021

Fairy Way

Radio Garden Poppy Green D50_1147, June 2021

Poppy Green

Unused Poppies 'n Wheat D50_1167, June 2021

Poppies 'n Wheat

Unused Floral Magic I D50_1473, April 2023

Floral Magic I

Unused Floral Magic IV D50_1510, April 2023

Floral Magic IV

Unused Thomas' Garden II D50_1811, July 2021

Thomas' Garden II

Unused Floral Magic LIII D50_3210, June 2023

Floral Magic LIII

Unused Floral Magic LVIII D50_3239, June 2023

Floral Magic LVIII

Unused Floral Magic LXIII D50_3269, June 2023

Floral Magic LXIII

Unused Floral Magic LXI D50_3299, June 2023

Floral Magic LXI

Unused Garden Beauties IV D50_4445, August 2021

Garden Beauties IV

Unused Garden Beauties II D50_4474, August 2021

Garden Beauties II

Unused Garden Beauties III D50_4508, August 2021

Garden Beauties III

Hexo Tag Plugin Collection Ready To Fly D50_4919, September 2021

Ready To Fly

Unused Balcony Beauties I D50_5026, August 2023

Balcony Beauties I

Unused Balcony Beauties II D50_5034, August 2023

Balcony Beauties II

Unused Balcony Beauties IV D50_5045, August 2023

Balcony Beauties IV

Unused Floral Magic XCV D50_5571_2309, September 2023

Floral Magic XCV

Unused Floral Magic XCVI D50_5589_2309, September 2023

Floral Magic XCVI

Unused Garden Beauties XIV D50_5871, September 2023

Garden Beauties XIV

Don't be ignorant and offer a theme switch Carpet Rocker D50_6165_2312_Enhanced, December 2023

Carpet Rocker

Favourite Pens of 2023 Christmas End D50_6727_2312, December 2023

Christmas End

Unused Some Blue Shingles D50_7050, February 2022

Some Blue Shingles

Unused Golden Branchage D50_7082, February 2022

Golden Branchage

Draft ⤍ Creating a flipping Contact Card with QR Code Into A Huddle D50_7117, February 2022

Into A Huddle

Unused Skull Sale D50_7227, April 2022

Skull Sale

Unused Copper Pot D50_7228, April 2022

Copper Pot

Unused Copper Connection D50_7229, April 2022

Copper Connection

Unused Troubadour Accessoires D50_7237, April 2022

Troubadour Accessoires

Unused Metal Pottery D50_7242, April 2022

Metal Pottery

Unused Green Buddha D50_7431, April 2022

Green Buddha

Unused Garden Beauties XIII D50_7454, May 2022

Garden Beauties XIII

Unused Garden Beauties XVI D50_7522, May 2022

Garden Beauties XVI

Unused Flower Barrow D70_0155, September 2017

Flower Barrow

Unused Copper Bridge D70_0759, September 2017

Copper Bridge

Discoveries #5 Kitchen Copper D70_0789, September 2017

Kitchen Copper

Uups ... empty posts Mooring Ropes D70_1408, September 2017

Mooring Ropes

Unused Algal Stones D70_1751, September 2017

Algal Stones

Unused Blue Elfie D70_2357, September 2017

Blue Elfie

Unused Expensive Air Inlet D70_3480, May 2018

Expensive Air Inlet

Unused Golden Wave I D70_5318, October 2015

Golden Wave I

Unused Mediterranean Glare II D70_5566, October 2015

Mediterranean Glare II

Unused Old Master Veggies I D70_8793, October 2020

Old Master Veggies I

Unused Bronze Door D701841, July 2015

Bronze Door

Unused Green Stance D702842, August 2015

Green Stance

Discoveries #9 Pipes & Wheels DSC_0190, July 2015

Pipes & Wheels

The State of the Blog Green Rag DSC_0654, August 2015

Green Rag

Draft ⤍ Problems with Chromium Web Apps and Url Redirects Untitled DSC_1290, April 2011


Unused Butterflies on Pink DSC_2167, October 2012

Butterflies on Pink

Unused Howth DSC_3549-HDR, May 2011


Unused Pink Nature DSC_3592, May 2011

Pink Nature

Unused Kilbeggan Window DSC_3670-HDR, May 2011

Kilbeggan Window

Discoveries #6 Light Bulbs DSC_4935, June 2014

Light Bulbs

SVG Resources Forgotten Motocycle DSC_4936, June 2014

Forgotten Motocycle

Unused Jugendstil Staircase DSC_5295, June 2014

Jugendstil Staircase

Discoveries #4 On The Rocks DSC_6114, August 2014

On The Rocks

Draft ⤍ Securing Single-User Web Apps Lonely Lock DSC_6371-HDR, August 2014

Lonely Lock

App Defaults 2023 Medieval Meal DSC_6543, September 2011

Medieval Meal

Discoveries #18 - JS UI Wood'n Glass DSC_6655-HDR, August 2014

Wood'n Glass

Unused Old Dice DSC_6766, October 2011

Old Dice

Discoveries #13 Windowed Wall DSC_6875-HDR, September 2014

Windowed Wall

Favourite Pens of 2022 Vintage Boxes DSC_7898, September 2014

Vintage Boxes

Unused White Crystal DSC_7910, September 2014

White Crystal

Draft ⤍ Johnny.Decimal - Emerging from the Abyss Apple Woods DSC_8444, November 2011

Apple Woods

Simplest Console File Logger DJing II DSC_8817, October 2014

DJing II

Discoveries #7 Industrial Chrome DSC_8892, October 2014

Industrial Chrome

Unused Fairyland IV DSC_9199-HDR, October 2014

Fairyland IV

Unused Driving Home DSC_9332, October 2014

Driving Home

Discoveries #11 Melting Hills DSC_9480-HDR, November 2014

Melting Hills

Generate Content from Trello Orange Shades DSC_9482-HDR, November 2014

Orange Shades

Unused Bathtime DSC_9937, July 2015


Indian Presets for Lightroom Iza Khans Tomb 1 IMG_20191009_164133_HDR, October 2019

Iza Khans Tomb 1

SVWW vs. Schalke @ 2023-09-02 SVWW vs Schalke @ 2023-09-02 PXL_20230902_105749100, September 2023

SVWW vs Schalke @ 2023-09-02

SVWW vs. HSV @ 2023-10-07 SVWW vs HSV @ 2023-10-07 PXL_20231007_105740138, October 2023

SVWW vs HSV @ 2023-10-07

SGE vs. HJK @ 2023-10-26 SGE vs HJK PXL_20231026_175248425, October 2023


WIRTZ DNA-Tour 2024, Leipzig @ 2024-02-17 Leipzig Music Colors PXL_20240217_155459164-2, February 2024

Leipzig Music Colors