Welcome ... I'm Kristof

I've been a passionate software developer for almost 30 years and currently a tech-savvy IT manager. I tinker with things like this blog in my spare time, because creating things never lets you go. Here is more about me ...

Abandonded Fitting

TFS/DevOps: Delete Remote Workspace

If you are working with freelance developers and Azure DevOps/TFS with TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) in your company, maybe this will look familiar to you: You hire a new freelancer and you want to reuse the hardware, including the complete software setup, to bring him/her to work as fast and straightforward as possible. You set up a new Azure Devops account with all necessary permissions and you think you’re done. No you are not…

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Jerusalem Seat

Better Input Change Event

Often it is important to trigger an event, after the user of your website/web app has filled out an text input. You have to do something with the given value in JavaScript.

The intended event for this is change, which will be triggered, when the user has ended changing by leaving the input with his cursor, mostly by using the TAB key. This works at some degree, if there is a physical keyboard, but not really on mobile devices … and for me is leaving the field often too late to start the upcoming event.

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Glencoe River
A New Blog

Hexo and the Dark Mode ... revised

Second approach to implement 'prefers-color-scheme'

While writing my post Hexo and the Dark Mode a few days ago, I thought it would be nice, if I could switch between the normal (light) and the dark theme, I’ve created for the support of the OS-related Dark Mode, even manually. The only thing I needed was a toggle element and a little bit of JavaScript.

Of course, I couldn’t manipulate the media query prefers-color-scheme itself, but introduce a different way by blog uses it. Instead of implementing the media query directly into my CSS (or Stylus) code, I used a root selector, which can be manipulated by JavaScript … something like this:

body {
    background-color: white;
    color: black;

[data-theme="dark"] body {
    background-color: black;
    color: white;

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Tiny Scots 5
A New Blog

A New Blog: Blogging and Synching en route

Part Three of having fun with Hexo and GitHub Pages

I work with several devices, some Windows, some Android, and sometimes I have time to write on my articles at home (Notebook, Tablet), in my spare time in the office (Desktop, Laptop) or on my way to somewhere (Smartphone). Right now I’m am in a barber shop, waiting for my haircut and write these lines. So, wherever I am, I need the Hexo project locally, but in sync on a digital device.

The blog is synced via Dropbox, but hosted on GitHub Pages, so on every device I need the publishing functions of Git too.

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Thistle Fence
A New Blog

A New Blog: Customizing Hexo

Part Two of having fun with Hexo and GitHub Pages

Hexo is a great tool to get quick results (see Part One of this series), when you decide to have a blog and its defaults are practical, but it’s power lies in the possiblities of customization via plugins. On the official plugin page, there are actually 302 plugins listed, but there are many more and no wish will be unsatisfied.

I will show you which of these I found worth to work with…

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Tiny Scots 7
A New Blog

A New Blog: VS Code, Hexo and GitHub Pages

Part One of having fun with Hexo and GitHub Pages

A few days ago I puzzled over a technical problem regarding SQL Server, Active Directory and Visual Studio Database Projects. With tips, hints and snippets from several websites I got it running and the solution was absolutely memorable. For myself and for others. Nothing is harder than to know ‘you did this before…’, but not to remember how.

Because of this strong leaning towards oblivion, I started over 20 years ago my very first website zerbit.de, manually crafted with Classic ASP and a SQL Server database as backend, with an editor, tagging, categories and so on. It was really exciting to build this blog from scratch and writing articles for it, but it was so time consuming to expand the features of the website and keep it running, that some day I quit it silently.

So, to document the solution mentioned above, I could use tools like OneNote or others, like in the past years, but this would be just for me and not for all developers, who have a similar problem. I felt it would be unfair to participate from the knowledge of others to get my solution and dont give something back.

I decided to write an article just in HTML and publish it on my personal GitHub Page that I didn’t used so far. Ok, just Text … ugly. Just a little CSS and a little more structure and maybe I should do something with Vue JS … STOP … It would be better to pick one of the cool new static website generators based on Node.js, to detain myself from inventing the wheel again and save my time to write articles. So I did a little research and found HEXO … Bingo! I can work with my favorite editor Visual Studio Code, its all HTML, JavaScript and CSS, I can write my articles in Markdown and Hexo has a lot of helpers for stuff Markdown doesn’t provide, it produces static files and works only with files, therefore no need for a database … and it is well documented.

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