Rhine Locks V

#Link |  Rethinking my Webmention Implementation

To start the new year, I decided to overhaul my Webmention implementation in the next weeks, having already revised the display of incoming Webmentions and deleted the “good old” comments without replacement during my New Year’s vacation.

I was triggered by Jan Monschke who, almost exactly a year ago, described in great detail how he implemented #Webmentions on his GitHub-based blog and used its #Actions. The local storage of the data is particularly relevant for me here, as I currently only load it in the post via JavaScript from my endpoint webmention.io. If the site goes down, there is suboptimally nothing more to see…

This will also be a good opportunity to finally integrate my Notes into the automatic Webmention sending (incl. setting the correct verbs such as u-in-reply-to, u-repost-of u-like-of, u-bookmark-of, etc.), because at the moment I still do this manually via webmention.app.

Let’s go … and a happy new year to everyone on the #IndieWeb

janmonschke.com: Adding webmentions to your static blog


You can interact with this note (applause, criticism, whatever) by mention it in one of your posts or by replying to its syndication on Mastodon, which will be shown here as a Webmention.

In case your blog software can't send Webmentions, you can use this form or send it manually via webmention.app or Telegraph:


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