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Notes 2023

Ever had a fancy calculation written in C# and now you need it in JavaScript? Blazor WebAssembly has been developed to build such bridges and with .NET 7 it is very easy to externalize individual functions. With some overhead, but never mind. Thanks for this

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Unfortunately on Android there is no menu item “View Source” if you want to have a look at the HTML code of a page. But there is a way … just add view-source: in front of the URL on editing it in the address bar.

Prefixed URL to view source

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Using npx (Node Package Runner) in a GitHub Action can be difficult, because for security reasons the command requires to type YES at a prompt if the package is not present in the local project dependencies. This can be suppressed by providing --yes in version 7. But there is a workaround for v6 and above, by passing yes via environment variable: npm_config_yes=true npx ...

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Just for me to remember the next time…

Instead of using two different colors for the light and the dark theme, take ONE matching color and set the transparency to 50-60% via the alpha channel to let the light or dark background shine through.

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Background RGBA Color for Theme

This morning I stumbled across an interview with a 100-year-old blogger in a German news magazine. Peter Meisen was born in 1922 and started telling his story to his great- and grandchildren 6 years ago. Poverty, Nazis, war, reconstruction, his daily life today. It is heartwarming and disturbing at the same time to read it all first hand. I could hardly stop reading, especially because so much is currently being repeated in #Ukraine…

Some links need to look different from standard links, be it with a background image or other special formatting. Mostly you simply create a new class like a.img-link or something like that.

To be able to style the standard a tag (without classes) as needed, it may be necessary to exclude the special link classes, such as a:not(.img-link) {...}. If you have several of them, it quickly becomes confusing.

What I didn’t know until now is that you can use a:not([class]) {...} to generally exclude ALL links with a class. Very nice …


I don’t really know what the site is for, but since the first of the year I’m also listed there with my blog.

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