Break Dancer

Step-By-Step, Part 1

Adding Screenshots to Trello Cards on Android

I’m collecting interesting One-Page-Tools on the web on a Trello board. To add a new card, I use a simple little script on my Android smartphone, I wrote about here: Add website to Trello card the better way.

On processing the page to store on a card, Trello scrapes the page and takes the <meta> tag og:image out of the HTML to generate an image attachment and take it as cover for the card. This sometimes works, but most of the time it doesn’t, because website owners often don’t pay attention to reasonable <meta> tags.

Because it is easier to find a card with visual support, I create my own screenshots for the cards in a manual, but streamlined, process, I want to show you here.

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Forgotten Motocycle

SVG Resources

Since beginning beginning of time, people are using symbols to make things clear quickly and easily. So do we when developing websites and web apps by using icons. Everybody knows what’s behind a loupe symbol or a hamburger icon.

Guess and click...

The way we implement icons have changed in the past. From BMP files to GIF and JPG files, PNG files, to complete or customizable symbol fonts like, to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

SVG’s in particular are becoming increasingly popular, because they are nothing more than XML-like code, that can be manipulated via CSS or JS, their digital footprint is unbeatable small and they scale seemlessly.

Dealing with SVG’s is a little bit more difficult than placing a PNG in HTML, because of its complexity, but it is worth learning as much as possible about it. So did I in the last couple of month and I want to share my finds on the web with you in this post.

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Jad Vashem Vista

Discoveries, Part 8

Discoveries #8

This month my discoveries are all about CSS … at least almost. See the stunning solutions developers around the world have created and take them to improve yours. Have fun exploring.

  • Charts.css
  • AnimXYZ
  • Magic Animations
  • transition.css
  • Make Animated Content Placeholders with HTML and CSS
  • Animating Underlines
  • New aspect-ratio CSS property
  • How to display language-specific quotes in CSS
  • Making the DETAILS element look and behave like a modal
  • Better Line Breaks for Long URLs

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Green Lightbeam

Custom Caller Authentication with ASP.NET Core 5.0 Web API

Developing micro services with Microsoft ASP.NET Core 5.0 Web API is powerful and fun, but the fun stops, if your data are accesses unauthorized. It is absolutely fundamental to have a protection layer, which filters out unwanted data requests.

A common way is to limit the service access by providing API Keys to well known clients. In this post I will show you how to implement such a filter in terms of API keys and IP addresses.

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Industrial Chrome

Discoveries, Part 6

Discoveries #7

February and the first sunny days in 2021. What a delight! Have fun, sitting in the sun, discovering my newest finds on the web. This time, all regarding JavaScript…

  • github1s: One second to read GitHub code with VS Code
  • How to enhance fetch() with the Decorator Pattern
  • Ky - Delightful HTTP Requests
  • VS Code’s REST Client Plugin is All You Need to Make API Calls
  • json-view
  • You might not need jQuery
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
  • date-fns - Modern JavaScript date utility library
  • Parsing Markdown into an Automated Table of Contents
  • FakeScroll - lightweight custom-looking scrollbars

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Direction Airport

Remote Testing and Debugging with Chrome

How to test a local site on a mobile device and debug it locally

Developing a website or web app means, you have installed an editor locally on your computer, writing your code locally and start a tiny, built-in web server for debugging locally in your preferred browser. In most browsers, there are some features to mimic a smartphone, to see if your solution is working on such a device too, but you only get a hint if it’s running properly. Some mobile features like navigator.canShare do not work at all. Better is to see it live on your device.

This article will show you firstly, how to test your local solution on a smartphone and secondly, how to debug it locally, when it runs on the smartphone after releasing.

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Light Bulbs

Discoveries, Part 6

Discoveries #6

2020 is over and history. Well, may 2021 be with us. With this post I would like to continue the Discoveries, with new momentum. There was a lot to read over the holidays.

All the finds in this issue have something to do with visual aspects of web design in the broadest sense.

  • Drop-Shadow: The Underrated CSS Filter
  • - 700+ CSS Icons
  • SVGBox - API for Web Icons
  • Change Color of SVG on Hover
  • CSS filter generator to convert from black to target hex color
  • Responsive && Configurable SVG Waves
  • Balloon.css
  • How to Build a CSS-only Organizational Chart
  • Shifty
  • Brad Traversy's 50 Projects 50 Days

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